DJMAX Portable's in-game OST is divided into three discs: L, R, and Additional. Alongside the playable songs in the game, each disc also has its own share unique content. Disc L contains remixes of existing songs, disc R contains Yo! Max, and disc Additional consists almost entirely of remixes and instrumentals of existing songs as well as music from DJMAX Online's OST.

Disc LEdit

Song Artist Length
Ask the wind Forte Escape 1:47
Ray of Illuminati ESTi 2:11
Luv Flow 3rd Coast 2:11
Elastic STAR Forte Escape 1:50
JBG Croove 2:07
Save My Dream Forte Escape 1:52
End of the Moonlight Forte Escape 1:53
Jupiter Driving xxdbxx 2:01
Never Say ND Lee 2:02
Revenge ND Lee 2:01

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