DJMAX Respect
Developer(s) Rocky Studio
DJMAX Sound Lab Team
Publisher(s) Neowiz Games
Platform(s) PlayStation 4
Release July 28, 2017 (KR, Asia)
Prequel DJMAX Portable 3
Sequel N/A
Previous Installment DJMAX Technika Q
Next Installment N/A

DJMAX Respect is the 16th installment of the DJMAX series, as well as the only DJMAX game to be released on the PlayStation 4. Released for Korea and Asian territories on July 28, 2017, DJMAX Respect features songs from DJMAX Portable and its sequel, 40 new songs exclusive to Respect, and songs from other DJMAX games as downloadable content.

Originally branded as a worldwide release, Neowiz has stated on their official DJMAX GLOBAL facebook page that the release date is only for Korean and Asian versions, while western release dates will be announced "when they are fixed." Presently, the western rating boards PEGI and ESRB have no listings for DJMAX Respect.

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