Sweet Shining Shooting Star
CROOVE - Sweet Shining Shooting Star01:39

CROOVE - Sweet Shining Shooting Star

Composer CROOVE
Genre Acid House
Visualizer(s) H2SO4, Jin
Vocals So Fly, JC
BPM 140
Length 1:35
Debut DJMAX Portable Black Square
Last Seen DJMAX Technika Q
Sweet Shining Shooting Star is an Acid House song first featured in DJMAX Portable Black Square.

Game AppearancesEdit

Other VersionsEdit

There are no remixes or adaptations of Sweet Shining Shooting Star.


I just want to fly away with you
Just soaring away

Lights are on I'm in a fantasy
Just flow, just flow away
I'm silent but the feeling of it
Never turns away

It makes you feel good, the start of everyday
Show you what I love
Just give it one lasting moment
Don't try to do it by yourself

Fly so high
Gotta find my shining shooting star
Gotta hold on close, yeah, I got it
Spin around the solar vision of life

Won't you fly away
Baby, we can go away
Take my love away, my baby, let me show your heart
Won't you fly away
Baby, we can go away
You are my sweetie, shining shooting star

Spin around the solar vision of life




  • Oddly enough, Sweet Shining Shooting Star's HD chart scrolls at half speed in DJMAX Technika 3, while the other charts do not. A full speed version of this chart appears in the Highway Pandemic mission.
  • Sweet Shining Shooting Star's TP chart replaces Motion's TP chart in non-Korean editions of DJMAX Technika in the Cotton Candy set.


Sweet Shining Shooting Star on Cypher Gate

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