Every DJMAX game has its own unique title song that plays before the game starts. Most of them are not playable, while the ones that are usually ask for a special requirement.

Title Song Artist Playable in title game Playable in freestyle mode Playable in future games
Online* Main Theme N/A
Portable Ask to Wind (Live Mix) Forte Escape
Portable 2 Your Own Miracle Ruby Tuesday
Clazziquai Edition Flea Clazziquai
Black Square Get Down BJJ
Technika** N/A N/A
Trilogy** N/A N/A
Fever Your Own Miracle Ruby Tuesday
Technika 2** N/A N/A
Hot Tunes Ask to Wind (Live Mix) Forte Escape
Portable 3 Flash Finger Mr.Funky
Technika 3 The Fragile Planet Planetboom
Technika Tune The MAX ND Lee
Ray** N/A N/A
Technika Q A Butterfly Croove

*Online's title song is featured on the DJMAX Online Vol. 1 OST with no artist or unique name.
**Title songs are present, but not featured on any OST.

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